Doula Buddy

Ami Silver: Birth Keeper Doula

Most doulas work with a regular back up, someone with a similar personality, passions and doula style.

Ami and I have known each other for sometime now and love and respect the way each other doulas.

It is good sense to have a back up incase of emergencies, very long labours, or anything else that might keep me from you. So if the worst happens, you have the option to tag in Ami to your birthing team.

This is entirely optional, you do not have to have Ami, you may choose another doula, or no back up - that is of course your choice entirely.

Claire Saye: Birth photographer

Claire Saye is a talented, experienced photographer who can capture your birth in a beautiful documentary style.
Her bubbly personality combined with her discreet way of working make her the perfect addition to your birth team, and the memories she captures will be priceless as you remember the most beautiful moments of your baby's birth.

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