Kind words from some of my clients

The minute Rachel came through the front door, with her warm hug and hi, we knew she was who we wanted, for our try at a natural delivery after 2 cesarians. I loved every min of the hypnobirthing course.... Rachel taught it in such a clear & exciting way. I spoke to her a couple times after Dr visits for advice, and she was always reassuring me. When I went into labour Rachel came at the perfect time, and helped me stay calm, relaxed and in control... My birth was amazing and beautiful, and we are forever grateful to you!!!
E & A

Photo of room in house with birth pool ready for baby to be born

During my labour at the hospital I was fortunate enough to have lovely and kind midwifes. The problem is, nowadays, a big chunk of their task is spent writing, keeping a protocol of what is happening during birth. Not to mention that every midwife is preoccupied with several women in labour at the same time so they keep on rushing in and out of the room.

This is where Rachel comes in. I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to have the birth I had without her. It was quite a long one but due to her presence I was able to persevere and use only gas & air and hypnobirthing breathing techniques as my ‘pain killers’. It was a truly transformative experience, in a positive sense of the word.
I thought giving birth is something I’ll certainly be able to manage on my own (as many women did throughout history). But in the past, women were usually supported by other women (their mothers, aunts, neighbours, friends). So Rachel is there to do exactly that; to support, calm you down and make you feel that you can absolutely do it.
I should also point out that I have one of the most supportive partners. No really I do. But even then, I felt that Rachel’s role was absolutely vital because she was looking after him too. If my partner was well supported then he was able to support me more effectively.
I can’t recommend taking a doula enough and Rachel is simply incredibly at what she does.
My partner and I are forever grateful to her for helping us to deliver our precious little boy into this world.

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